General Laborer - Louisiana, Baton Rouge

General LaborerPermanent

Louisiana, Baton Rouge - 70801
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  • Post Date: 2022-10-22
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  • Job Categories:Construction
  • Job Type:Permanent
  • Published Date:2022-10-22
  • Salary Period:Hourly
  • Company Name:Innovative Aquatic Solutions
  • Company Type:Agency

Job Simplification

The announced job offer is made public by the firm: Innovative Aquatic Solutions and it was included in jobs list the date of: 2022-10-22 in the website

It is announced that they have a job offer at the category of Construction and the jobs location is in the state of Louisiana at the city Baton Rouge, in the country US - at this current ZipCode: 70801

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Construction worker

People who perform manual labor as unskilled or semi-skilled laborers are considered employed. In the United Kingdom, a construction worker is defined as someone who works for or under the control of a contractor on a construction site. They can also be skilled tradespeople or managerial and supervisory personnel. In Canada, anyone who supervises other workers or enforces regulations and building codes may be labeled an inspector.

The word "laborer" refers to a specific job type and level in most construction industries. It's a generic term that defines a large group of workers in almost every national construction industry. In the United States, over 7.5 million people work in construction — including 820,000 laborers — with 573,000 carpenters, 508,000 electricians, 258,000 equipment operators and 230,000 construction managers. The United States Department of Labor reports 681,000 white-collar workers employed in construction. These people work in office and administrative support occupations. Most construction companies hire office and administrative support workers.

Job Overview

Be able to perform a host of different duties including using common garden tools for moving dirt and shaping erosion control structures, moving large hoses, working around ponds and canals. Needs to be a problem solver and able to work independently once explained the job objective.

Job Types: Contract, Temporary

Pay: $17.00 - $22.00 per hour

10 hour shift

COVID-19 considerations:
All work is performed outside.

Work Location: One location
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Employer Overview

Innovative Aquatic Solutions

Louisiana, Baton Rouge - 70801
  • Agency